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from issue no. 01 - 2004

These traces become a gift

The letter of monsignor Vincenzo Savio, Bishop of the diocese of Belluno-Feltre, on the occasion of the presentation in Rome of the book Mio fratello Albino

by Vincenzo Savio

Dear lady,
of the various launches of the book the one in Rome is certainly the most significant. I will be unable to be present but Monsignor Giorgio Lise, postulator ad interim, has the assignment to underline on the occasion all our appreciation for the fascinating documentary offering represented by My brother Albino on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the election and death of Pope John Paul I.
My appreciation of the work has various causes. As regards the most immediate I would like to stress the skill in turning a family conversation into a collection of data mostly unknown till now, full of originality and enjoyment. To enrich the fine story, almost a homely tale going between “hearth” and “stove”, are the photos from the family album and those of the house and the Val di Garès, or the interweave of the musing faces, full of serenity, of Nina and Berto.
Other deeper reasons I discover going through the text which you succeed in offering us fully with such skill and freedom respectful of Nina’s personal way of telling.
You know that one of the deeply-held beliefs that have supported our request to take on such an arduous task, the launching of the process of canonization of this Pope, a task that will be constantly under the scrutiny of many devout supporters and of many uncertain and cultivated critical observers, is the certainty that Don Albino will lead us by the hand and help us find the path to a “holiness” accessible to everyone who desires to enter into the evangelical call of Jesus, addressed to all. Holiness as “lofty” inspiration certainly, but within the reach of every true disciple; holiness that is capable of dwelling in the ordinariness of one’s own personal calling.
Luciani will help us see it in his existential path but he will show it to us as present and widespread among the people of his surroundings, that now are our surroundings, and of his people who are the generation of fathers and of mothers who are loosening their bonds with our times but who gave seasoning to our childhood and youth. For that reason we turn to him to be enlightened and so recognize and consolidate the traces of holiness, the “ways of the carts” still present today.
To have retrieved, through the story of such credible witnesses as Berto and Nina, these traces become an important ‘gift’ for us. Because the continual interweaving of facts, annotations and the affectionate heartfelt smile that comes through in each line; the underlying story of heroically lived virtue, almost as natural answer to the desire to give life dignity and open it to the contemplation of a certain hope beyond mishap… allows us to work out in simplicity a clear pedagogy of holiness.
Thus Albino Luciani returns to be live brother not only of Berto and Nina but of every Christian. Serene catechist of what most counts in life: to be friend of God, because He, God, has chosen us as his friends.
Truly Don Albino “though dead, speaks still (Hebrews 11,4) and I so much want to listen to him. But I know I am not alone in this. Thank you for this gift that your professional skill has put into our hands.

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