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from issue no. 06 - 2011


Father L. M. Zucol, SJ

Father L. M. Zucol, SJ

Kannur, Kerala, India

Many will use Who prays is saved and will pray and be saved


Kannur, 10 May 2011

Dear Senator Andreotti,
I thank you sincerely for sending the valuable booklets in English Who prays is saved.
Many will use this booklet and will pray and be saved.
And you will receive the great reward in Heaven, because, as St Augustine teaches, whoever saves a soul is assured of his own salvation.
I assure you, along with my many neophytes, we pray for your great missionary apostolate.
With great affection and mutual prayer, I remain your ever affectionate co-missionary,

Father L. M. Zucol, SJ


Kannur, 20 May 2011

Dear Director,
Thank you very much for the second sending of the booklets in English Who prays is saved. Now I want to ask if you have in English the Supplica alla Madonna di Pompei [Supplication to Our Lady of Pompeii], as found in your booklet Chi prega si salva in Italian. I would like to make a copy of it in the local Malayalam language for my many neophytes.
I cordially thank you and assure you of my prayers for your wonderful missionary apostolate.
With great affection, always in union of prayer, I remain your affectionate co-missionary,


Father L. M. Zucol, SJ



Vila Ulongue, Mozambique

30Giorni is a bond of union with the universal Church and the world

Vila Ulongue, 25 March 2011

Senator Giulio Andreotti,
Fraternal greetings.
We thank you wholeheartedly for the magazine 30Giorni that we receive regularly and with great joy.
I am the Bishop Emeritus of Lichinga. I have been for thirty years pastor of that diocese in northern Mozambique. When I reached retirement age, I asked to return to the mission of São Francisco Xavier, in the district of Angónia, where I had already been for eight years. Here I continue work as a missionary, with the Jesuit founders of this mission: I visit the communities and assist them in Christian growth, I help in the training of community leaders, I give spiritual assistance to the missionary sisters of three parishes, I attend the sick, especially the lepers, and I deal with young people, particularly students.
I much appreciate your magazine 30Giorni which is a bond of union with the universal Church and the world. I hope, and thank you now, that you will continue to send it to us.
Very gratefully,


Luís Gonzaga Ferreira da Silva, Bishop Emeritus of Lichinga

Ron Phibun, Thailand

From Thailand

Ron Phibun, 2 May 2011

Dear Senator Andreotti,

On the eve of Easter, a pleasant surprise, I received your magazine 30Giorni with the wish for a Happy Easter.
I almost thought it would no longer arrive. I must admit I’m one of the lucky ones who has received your magazine free for several years (certainly since 2000 or 2001). I always read everything, and then send it to another missionary a hundred kilometers from my residence.
I only wrote twice to thank you (perhaps little) and this time it is to confirm that I am still here in Ron Phibun (for a good twenty-eight years) and to say that No. 3 – 2011 of 30Giorni is really interesting. I would say necessary.
Thanks also for some books that I have received over the years: the writings of Paul VI on Augustine, Chi prega si salva (in Italian and Chinese), the beautiful book by Mazzolari Anch’io voglio bene al papa... When I talk to Thai priest friends I realize immediately to what extent they lack so much Christian literature and theology that we Europeans continue to absorb as the history and memory of so many facts of faith, a basis for a mentality of the universal Church.
Thank you. I wish you good health and always Easter in the heart... and many blessings.


Don Renzo Rossignolo


Fianarantsoa, Madagascar

This wonderful and precious magazine arrives to the ends of the world

Fianarantsoa, 13 May 2011

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
Please receive a dear, fraternal greeting from the distant mission in Madagascar and the expression of our gratitude for your great generosity in having sent the precious booklets Chi prega si salva, both in French and Italian, and other materials already in the hands of our young people whom we form and in the hands of those who come to pray in our chapel.
Thank you most sincerely. May the Lord reward you for your great generosity and your love toward us and toward prayer. A heartfelt thanks goes also to all your collaborators: without them this wonderful and valuable magazine could not be known and appreciated by anyone, but thanks to them it arrives to the ends of the world and the Word of God and the Church’s and world’s life come into the hands of many.
We assure our daily prayers for you and the editorial staff. We ask your prayers.
In union with Jesus and forever grateful, your sister in Christ,

Sister Maria Amata

Porto-Novo, Benin

Qui prie sauve son âme for catechumens

Porto-Novo, 18 May 2011

Dear 30Jours friends,
I respectfully request the goodness of sending me some copies of your booklet Qui prie sauve son âme to help the catechumens and the faithful in the path of prayer.
In fact, as a priest, I look after the catechumens and devote myself to them with all my heart.
Please accept the expression of my thanks in advance and my fraternal feelings in Christ.

Father Gislain Prudencio A. Falade


Dangbo, Benin

Qui prie sauve son âme stupendous and useful

Dangbo, 25 May 2011

Dear Sir,
I am Léonora Agomma, a priest. I had the joy of discovering at a friend’s house the booklet Qui prie sauve son âme. I found it really stupendous and very useful for every Christian. I want to know how to go about getting it, because I’m going to propose it to my catechumens, who are 190 this year. Thank you.


Don Léonora Agomma


Dangbo, 6 June 2011

Dear Sir,
I received the booklets Qui prie sauve son âme and I would like to express, through this letter, not only my gratitude but also that of my catechumens and faithful, to whom I distributed all the booklets on Sunday, at the end of the evening mass.
It was for them an immense satisfaction and those who didn’t get them keep on asking me. Everything is grace. God bless you for the great good you have done to these young people.
Thank you so much.
If possible, I’d like to learn more about 30Jours.

Don Léonora Agomma

São Gabriel da Cachoeira, Amazonas, Brazil

Four hundred copies of Quem reza se salva for the people of Amazonia

São Gabriel da Cachoeira, 3 June 2011

Dear Mr. Giulio Andreotti, I greet you!
Dear Director of the magazine 30Dias, I thank you deeply for the rich work that you render to the Church and congratulate you cordially as a younger brother in Christ.
I take the liberty of introducing myself. I am Father Reuberson Ferreira. I belong to the Congregation of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. I have been a priest for a year and a half and work in the interior of Amazonia in the vast Diocese of São Gabriel da Cachoeira, in the extreme north of Brazil. Since April of last year I was assigned a parish in this area. This is a necessary work, but extremely difficult. We work mainly with indigenous populations (more than twenty-three ethnic groups). Here there is a history of over one hundred years of missionary work and evangelization carried out by the Salesians with the collaboration of our Congregation.
Being in this region and seeing the reality here, I am able to perceive that, in many ways, the people have a deep faith and constant practice of Catholicism, especially the older generations. But I’m worried: the younger generations have little religious training and do not know even the principal prayers of Christianity.
Reading the magazine 30Dias, that the diocesan bishop Edson Damian passes on to me after reading it, I was able to appreciate the richness of the pages that tell us about the world of the Church; and I also got to know the wonderful little booklet Quem reza se salva. I think it’s a great aid for meditation and the recitation of the principal prayers of Christianity. Looking in the library of the diocese, I found a copy and I must say that this has confirmed what I thought.
Wishing to buy a significant amount (about four hundred copies), I decided to do a calculation of the expense but I was discouraged. In fact, our parish is in no position to pay so large a sum. That’s why I decided to ask you for this material. I undertake, if necessary, to help pay the costs of sending them. This is what I wish for, in order to better serve this indigenous population of Amazonia.
I fraternally greet you, awaiting your response (which I hope will be positive).
With affection,


Father Reuberson Ferreira, MSC

Nuxis, Carbonia-Iglesias

30Giorni from Kenya to Sardinia

Nuxis, 19 June 2011

Dear friends,
I was till last year a missionary in Kenya for 16 years at Camp Garba, Isiolo Diocese, along with another father. We received regularly the magazine 30Giorni, in English, the official language of Kenya, and were very happy to read it and be informed about the news of the Catholic Church by this very important information media.
Now I am at home, because the Bishop of our diocese of Iglesias, recalled us both because of our old age: I am 82 , my brother 76! Now the mission is under the Consolata Fathers from Nairobi, who are working very well.
I remember and miss the readings of 30Giorni, which were most useful also for learning English, and now I would like to continue getting your magazine; But just as I was poor in the mission I am also so here, I assist in a big parish in Carbonia, where there is little money.
If the Director and you could help me, I could celebrate the number of masses you desire according to your intentions. God bless all of you, your families and your work.


Father Giulio Ballocco

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