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The First Communion boys of L’Assomption parish in Boma

The First Communion boys of L’Assomption parish in Boma

Boma, Democratic Republic of Congo

Qui prie sauve son âme has helped us for Catechesis


Boma, 19 July 2011

Dear Director,
The children of our parish who received First Communion and their catechists thank you for the copies of Qui prie sauve son âme that helped them for the catechetical formation year just finished. They pray to the Lord to fill you and your staff with grace and blessings. We ask as many books in French for the children who will begin their formation in October in the new catechetical year.
Please appreciate, Mr Director, the expression of our gratitude.

P.S. I’m the one with the yellow shirt in the photo.


Roger Phanzu-Kumbu



Kannur, Kerala, India

Chi prega si salva, a miraculous booklet

Kannur, 20 June 2011

Dear Director,
Since there are very many missionaries here who have been in Italy, I would be most grateful if you could send me some copies in Italian of your miraculous booklet Chi prega si salva.
These missionaries know Italian very well. I thank you on their behalf and my behalf for the great spiritual good you do with these beautiful booklets.
With great affection and gratitude, and in union of prayer, I remain always your most affectionate co-missionary,

Father L. M. Zucol, SJ


Kannur, 22 July 2011

Dear Senator Andreotti,
Thank you most sincerely for the two parcels of your wonderful little booklet Chi prega si salva.
I have already started to distribute it to several people and I also did the translation in Malayalam to give it to my new converts.
So all the souls that will be saved through reading the prayers of your booklets, will pray for your intentions and obtain from Our Lord a high place in heaven.
We all pray for your great apostolate of the press also through your very beautiful magazine 30Giorni which I read with great spiritual profit.
With great affection, gratitude and mutual prayer.
I remain your most grateful co-missionary,


Father L. M. Zucol, SJ


Adwa, Ethiopia

30Days in Ethiopia

Adwa, 5 July 2011

Dear Mr Andreotti,
We are very grateful for receiving the magazine 30Giorni.
Our community is made up of five people and four of us have a better understanding of English rather than Italian. We kindly ask if it is possible to receive the English edition rather than the Italian one.
Thank you.
Greetings from Ethiopia,


Father Tesfay Kidane, Rector

Lirangwe, Malawi

Interiorize the faith through prayer

Lirangwe, 9 July 2011

I ask you, if possible, to send me two copies of the booklet Chi prega si salva (in small format), one in English and the other in Italian. I would also like to ask for permission to translate and print this booklet in the local language (Chichewa). I am certain that it would do a world of good to all, beginning with the clergy as far as the Christians scattered in remote villages. I believe that the current phase of our missionary work is to bring Africans to the interiorization of their faith, precisely through prayer. I have lived for thirty-seven years in Africa and I am convinced that unless we implement, with the grace of God, this phase, Africa risks becoming like Latin America at the time of Pius XII, with mass triumphalist celebrations, rallies, ever more disintegration of families, smooth and superficial belonging to Christ and the Church.
There are many Catholics who change ‘jersey’ and seek in the sects and Protestant denominations a greater nourishment of the Word of God and a deeper and less rowdy faith.
Tell me how I can pay for the booklets and the cost of air postage.
With wishes for ever greater success in your apostolate.


Father Anastasio Tricarico

Dhaka, Bangaladesh

Request for Joseph Ratzinger’s book, L’unità delle nazioni

Dhaka, 15 July 2011

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
I would like to renew my gratitude for the very stimulating contributions of your magazine. At the same time I also renew my wish that, considering the weight of years, you may still have the fluidity needed to maneuver with ability the direction of 30Giorni.
In the past I have received some of your books that were very useful to me. I really like the Augustinian meditations of Don Tantardini.
Recently a fellow-brother who works with the foreigners residing in Dhaka asked me for an English copy of Chi prega si salva.
For me, I dare to ask to add the request of Joseph Ratzinger’s book, L’unità delle nazion i [The unity of nations].
Many thanks and a prayer


Father Silvano Garello


Nairobi, Kenya

A special thanks for the CD I canti della Tradizione

Nairobi, 21 July 2011

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
We owe you a debt of gratitude for the gift of your publication 30Giorni that we receive regularly and read with interest for the news and special articles that we would not get otherwise.
Accept our congratulations for the laudable purpose of your magazine: to educate, inform, explain, and also to praise and appreciate the good and shed light on possible errors. Also evident between the lines, is your personality, that we have known for years, but your timely editorial allows us to know your personal values even better.
Thank you for this sharing, not only of the magazine. Special thanks for the CD I canti della Tradizione the suppplement to number 4/5. We listened to it immediately and the voices of the choir, precise, vibrant, disciplined, with enchanting style and execution according to the Gregorian tradition, filled our hearts. In Europe now it is rarely heard, and it is still not possible to teach it here. A music full of centuries of tradition and devotion can not only be taught, it must be felt and experienced. If we who have inherited this sacred music lose it, letting it fall into disuse, how can it be transmitted? Yours is therefore a welcome initiative, artistic, a centuries old instrument for prayer, and necessary.
We thank you for your generosity and attention, and we keep you in our prayers.

Sister Viviana Zanesco, on behalf of the whole Community

Phalaborwa, South Africa

It was indeed a real marvel to read 30Days

Phalaborwa, 22 July 2011

I am a Roman Catholic priest incardinated in the Archdiocese of Pretoria and currently working in Phalaborwa in the far northern part of the country.
I happened to come across your magazine, though an old one dated 2007. I browsed through it and eventually read it all. It was very impressive to read it: the issues published are quite relevant and very informative to a Catholic.
You are doing noble and very inspirational work.
Impressed by the quality of the magazine, I enquired about it and I would like to subscribe to it, but I cannot financially afford the subscription fees.
My humble request is to have a free subscription to the English edition.
I hope and trust that my request will be given favorable consideration and will not be an excessive financial burden.
Thanking you in anticipation.
Kind regards,

Father S. Rangwaga


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Chi prega si salva for the catechesis of adults

Buenos Aires, 29 July 2011

Dear friends,
I am an Argentine priest and would like to ask you a favor: I need 10 copies in Spanish and 3 in the Italian of Chi prega si salva. I use it for the catechesis of adults.
Thank you very much for now.

Father Francisco Caggia

Buenos Aires, 18 August 2011

Dear brothers,
Thanks for sending the most useful Quien reza se salva which I began to distribute the same day of arrival. May God grant you the strength and the means to continue. Again many thanks and in union of prayer.

Father Francisco Caggia

Inhassoro, Mozambique

A few copies of Quem reza se salva for our catechists

Inhassoro, 4 August 2011

Dear Director,
Thank you very sincerely for the CD of Gregorian chants: to hear them here in Africa brought me back to my youth in the seminary.
We receive your magazine with pleasure; I am sending you some pictures of our little church recently consecrated.
A fond greeting,


Father Pio Bono

P.S. If you can, send us some copies of Quem reza se salva for our catechists.

Dondi, Democratic Republic of Congo

The moments in which I read 30Jours are ones of serenity

Dondi, 6 August 2011

Hereby, I wish to express my gratitude for the magazine 30Jours that I receive almost regularly in the Democratic Republic of Congo. If I say ‘almost’ it is because of the malfunction of the local postal service. Even if I don’t get all the issues, the magazine gives me great pleasure for the news, articles, reflections and beautiful photos. For me those moments in which I have the poosibility of browsing the pages of 30Jours are ones of serenity and relaxation.
I think you will be pleased at my sending of one of my photos where I am with some catechists in March of this year who followed a training course in the Pastoral and Social Center that we manage in our mission of Dondi (Watsa) in the north-east of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
In expressing my sentiments of esteem and the wish for a long life still, I offer my respectful greetings and the assurance of my prayers to the Lord.

Father Giacomo Biasotto

Praia, Cape Verde

One hundred copies of Quem reza se salva

Praia, 8 August 2011

It is with great joy and deep gratitude that I tell you that I have received the beautiful, rich and important magazine 30Giorni, in Portuguese, fruit of the generosity and the spirit of service of its director and staff.
Thank you for the spontaneous and free sending of this interesting magazine to the mission churches, as well also as the supplement to n. 4/5 of 2011, with the CD and the booklet Os cantos da Tradição. May God reward you.
I would also like to ask for one hundred copies of the booklet Quem reza se salva.
While not knowing it, I am convinced that this is a very useful book that can help people who want or need to pray, but who need a support. The booklets will be distributed to these people.
Wishing you every blessing from the Lord, I take this opportunity to present you, illustrious Mr Andreotti, my respectful greetings in Jesus Christ.

Arlindo Gomes Furtado, Bishop of Santiago of Cape Verde

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