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Giulio Andreotti
For years the international monthly 30Days in the Church and in the world was an important reference for many. We consider beneficial preserving the archives to safeguard the memory of its contents and the points of view illustrated, which we find still topical. What follows is the message informing readers of the suspension of regular activity.

Dear Readers,
It is with great displeasure that we announce that the magazine 30Days in the Church and in the world is suspending it publications with issue 5 of 2012. Unfortunately, events of these past months, in particular don Giacomo Tantardini’s death, make it impossible to continue its publication. The director Giulio Andreotti shares our sorrow and the cognizance of the value 30Days has had for the Church in these years. We would like to wholeheartedly thank everyone who has accompanied us with their respect and affection. They have been an encouraging fellowship, especially the letters that arrived and that continue to arrive from all over the world. The words written by laymen, missionaries, nuns, priests, bishops and cardinals have been a beautiful and comforting encouragement to our work, which we have always tried to interpret as a small service of useless servants of the Lord’s Church. A heartfelt thank you to everyone.

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