from issue no.06/07 - 2008


The cover of the special Russian language edition
of I30Giorni/I

The cover of the special Russian language edition of I30Giorni/I


Secretariat of State, First Section - General Affairs, Vatican City

The Secretary of State presents his cordial
greetings to the editorial staff of the
magazine 30Giorni and, in confirming
receipt of the copy of the special Russian
language edition on The Faith of Russia,
the unity of the Church, cordially thanks you
and gladly passes on the Blessing
of the Holy Father Benedict XVI.

From the Vatican, 5 July 2008

Bishopric of Dubrovnik

A visitor dear to us

Dubrovnik, 28 May 2008

Dear Senator Andreotti,
The other day I was watching a television broadcast in Italian in which you took part in a discussion with some young people about the need for the State. I admired the friendly atmosphere that was created between an almost ninety year old man and a group in their twenties. And I felt the desire to write so as to compliment you on your mental lucidity, intellectual humility and clarity of behavior in this regard. Good wishes, Senator Andreotti!
I take this opportunity to thank you for the monthly 30Giorni I receive regularly. Congratulations also for your way of editing it. It is an exemplary magazine both in the way it is written, and in the choice of subjects covered. Given that I receive the copy of 30Giorni gratis, I in turn might propose a gift: board and lodging in my residence, when and for as long as you wish (preferably during the quieter months – I would exclude July and August). I am sure you will not be disappointed by the city of Dubrovnik, which you have already visited. And the citizens will be glad to be able to greet such a dear guest. In addition, we would be honored if your visit were to take place during this year (the eve of your ninetieth birthday) or next year, in order to toast the ninety years that the Lord has given you.
I assure you, Senator Andreotti, of my communion in prayer and greet you cordially,

Monsignor Zelimir Puljic,
Bishop of Dubrovnik

“Italian European” Foundation


Rome, 16 June 2008

Massimo D’Alema thanks the Director Giulio Andreotti, the managing editor Roberto Rotondo and the staff of 30Giorni for the latest issue of the magazine and attached volume on St. Augustine in the unpublished notes of Paul VI.

Massimo D’Alema

From a workers’ trade union

The Madonna of the Road

Rome, 18 June 2008

Dear Senator,
My name is Antonio Tagliapietra, I am a representative of the Filcams-Cgil Rome trade union of Securitas night security men.
Reading the article devoted to Don Ariodante Brandi, that appeared in the May issue, I was struck by the relevance of the message addressed to the working world and his Marian spirituality.
We were so fascinated (the other trade union representative, Stefano De Ritis, my colleagues and I) to want the Madonna of the Road as our Patron. We would like to learn more about the life and work of this Roman priest, who has done so much for the welfare of workers as to make us wonder why he has not been proposed as a model of Christian life.
Thanking you and the editorial staff for having published the article in which we are recognized, I offer my cordial greetings.

Antonio Tagliapietra

Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies


Rome, 24 June 2008

I have received the interesting volume St. Augustine in the unpublished notes of Paul VI and I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for the concern shown me. I take this opportunity to send my cordial greetings.

Luca Zaia

Diocese of Quiché
Santa Cruz de Quiché, Guatemala

Thanks from Guatemala

Santa Cruz de Quiché, 8 June 2008

Dear Senator Andreotti,
Since I began three years ago to exercise the episcopal ministry in Quiché, Guatemala, I have received free each month the Spanish edition of 30Días. I have read with interest all the numbers I have received, but I have never written to thank you for the kind gift.
Without doubt, the 2/3 issue of 2008 was magnificent, both for the intelligent response of Massimo Borghesi to the thesis of Andrés Torres Queiruga, and for the gift of the book on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ by Heinrich Schlier. I think this is the right occasion to express appreciation for the service that you lend the Church through this publication. May God reward you for it.
Yours sincerely,

Mario Alberto Molina, OAR,
Bishop of Quiché


Ars sur Formans, France

The Credo of the People of God so important for our time

Ars sur Formans, 7 July 2008

We were particularly happy and grateful to your beautiful magazine for the pages of the last number (No. 4, April 2008) dedicated to the fortieth anniversary of the Credo of the People of God, this text so important for our time, yet so little known, if not already forgotten!…
The history of the text, which we didn’t know about, has deeply touched us since our Carmel had the priceless grace of benefiting from the ministry of Cardinal Journet in the last two years that preceded his holy death.
Will you permit us, therefore, sir, to express the desire to receive some other copies of this issue of 30Jours (if any remain) to make it known to others?
Receive, sir, the assurance of the prayers of our community, and the expression of our deep gratitude in Christ.

The Carmelite nuns of Ars

Alba, Cuneo

Montini and Augustine, surprised and moved us!

Alba, 25 June 2008

Dear Senator Andreotti,
The monthly directed by you, in which we continue to find wonderful spiritual texts and interesting first-hand news on important historical and current topics, has always come to us punctually, for the past three years. And, occasionally, even a lovely suplement, of which the last, Montini and Augustine, particularly surprised and moved us!
How not to renew, very dear Senator, our most heartfelt thanks? We ask the good Lord adequate reward for this, which we can quite rightly define: your “Charity of truth”, which is a specific feature of our Dominican charisma.
Thanks again because it allows us to be properly informed on important global issues and situations: do not doubt our special remembrance in prayer for benefactors. And may the joy of the Risen enlighten every day and step of yours.
In Him, with respectful compliments, most obliged,

Dominican Nuns

Hô Chi Minh, Vietnam

Thanks from Vietnam

Thu Duc, 15 May 2008

Dear Sir,
So far we have received your kind dispatches of the monthly 30Jours and we have never expressed our thanks; we would like to state our regret and, at the same time, express our thanks to you.
God bless and infinitely reward you for your such generous charity.
Through this monthly we are aware of ecclesial events in the world and in this way we can participate in the life of the Church. With our prayer and our contemplation we offer our efforts to contribute to the life of the Church, especially poor Churches (including that of our country).
The only drawback is that most of our sisters cannot read French and so we share the numbers of the magazine with our OFM brothers who benefit from it.
Once again, thank you very much for your gift.
May the Lord fill you with His graces and grant you His peace.
Respectfully and gratefully,

Sister Agnes of Assisi, Doan Thi Huî, Abbess

Spiritual reading/19

“Invocat te, Domine, fides mea, quam dedisti mihi, quam inspirasti mihi
per humanitatem Filii tui, per ministerium praedicatoris tui.
My faith, Lord, shall call on You, which You have given me, wherewith You have inspired me,
through the Incarnation of Your Son, through the ministry of Your Preacher”. (Augustine, Confessiones I,1).

“Gratia facit fidem non solum quando fides de novo incipit esse in homine,
sed etiam quamdiu fides durat.
Grace causes faith not only when faith begins anew to be in a man,
but also as long as faith lasts”. (Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae II-II q. 4 a.4 ad 3)

“Ecce gratia, ecce resurgit, ecce se oculis ostendit Apostolorum.
Ecce praebet se videndum oculis, praebet manibus contrectandum.
Behold grace, behold it rising, behold it making Itself seen in the eyes of the apostles.
Behold it offering Itself to the eyes to see, it makes of Itself a gift for the hands to touch”. (Augustine, Sermones 229/J, 4)

Council of Orange of 529

Gratia facit fidem (Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae II-II q. 4 a. 4 ad 3)

Canon 5. Si quis, sicut augmentum, ita etiam initium fidei ipsumque credulitatis affectum, quo in eum credimus, qui iustificat impium, et ad [re]generationem sacri baptismatis pervenimus, non per gratiae donum, id est per inspirationem Spiritus Sancti corrigentem voluntatem nostram ab infidelitate ad fidem, ab impietate ad pietatem, sed naturaliter nobis inesse dicit, apostolicis dogmatibus adversarius approbatur, beato Paulo dicente: “Confidimus, quia qui coepit in vobis bonum opus, perficiet usque in diem lesu Cristi” [cf. Phil 1, 6]; et illud: “Vobis datum est pro Christo non solum, ut in eum credatis, verum etiam, ut pro illo patiamini” [cf. Phil 1, 29]; et: “Gratia salvi facti estis per fidem, et hoc non ex vobis: Dei enim donum est” [cf. Eph 2, 8]. Qui enim fidem, qua in Deum credimus, dicunt esse naturalem, omnes eos, qui ab Ecclesia Christi alieni sunt, quodammodo fideles esse definiunt (Denzinger 375).

Canon 5. If anyone says that not only the increase of faith but also its beginning and the very desire for faith, by which we believe in Him who justifies the ungodly and we come to the regeneration of Holy Baptism – if anyone says that this belongs to us by nature and not by a gift of Grace, that is, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit amending our will and turning it from unbelief to faith and from godlessness to godliness, it is proof that he is opposed to the teaching of the Apostles, for Blessed Paul says, “And I am sure that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ” (Phil 1, 6). And again, “You have been granted the privilege for Christ’s sake not only of believing in him but of suffering for him as well” (Phil 1, 29); and: “For by grace you have been saved through faith; and this is not your own doing, it is the gift of God” (Eph 2, 8). For those who state that the faith by which we believe in God is natural make all who are separated from the Church of Christ by definition in some measure believers.


Diocese of Yamoussoukro
Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast

Qui prie sauve son âme greatly appreciated by all

Yamoussoukro, 30 May 2008

Mr. Senator,
I wish to congratulate you for the admirable work of training and information that you carry out thanks to 30Giorni. In the desire to help us make better use of the riches of the Church you have made available to us this booklet entitled Qui prie sauve son âme, widely used in the Ivory Coast because much appreciated by all; in fact it has become the constant companion of Catholics, the favorite gift of the newly baptized and confirmed. Today I wish to thank you for another book on a subject whose importance is primary: La résurrection de Jésus Christ by Heinrich Schlier. Thank you for this opportunity that can only be beneficial for all readers of 30Giorni. I do not know what a copy costs, but I want to order some to offer to the sixty priests and the one hundred and twenty religious who work in my diocese. Thank you with all my heart and that God may fill you with graces and blessings.

Monsignor Joseph Aké,
Bishop of the Diocese of Yamoussoukro

Iringa, Tanzania

Thank you for the little booklet Chi prega si salva for the children of the mission

Iringa, 3 May 2008

Dear Director Giulio,
Praised be our Lord Jesus Christ!
With great joy I tell you that we have received one hundred copies of the book Who prays is saved. The books were distributed to the students of “Masisiwe Secondary School.” For many of them it is their first book. The school, dispersed in these mountains of Udzungwa, is poor. We made a day of retreat for the delivery of the books. Amid songs and conferences we lived a day of intense fervor.
We thank you heartfully for your generosity and may the Lord, through your magazine, continue to do so much good for the Church and humanity.

Father Roberto Facchini

Salesian Missionaries
Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand

Thanks for the book of prayer and for that on the tombs of the apostles

Nakhon Si Thammarat, 2 June 2008

Dear Mr. Andreotti,
I wish you all good. It is now the third year that I receive your magazine. I read everything and then send it to another province one hundred kilometers from here on the western shore, Trang. A priest highly esteemed (95 years old), a native of Concordia (beyond Pordenone), is delighted to receive it and read it. After a month he sends it back to me because I catalogue and keep it. I throw nothing away. I have been here for twenty-five years, tied hands and feet to the families of the leprosarium by my activities in the Don Bosco Development Center.
Fifty kilometers from Ronphibun, in the city, there is another Italian, Don Patrizio Maccioni, he too a Salesian. He receives 30Giorni, but at the old address in the province of Surat Thani where he worked years ago. You are so good to send this magazine, which is a true instrument of information, training, meditation and encouragement for those who love the Church.
Thanks for the book of prayer and for that about the tombs of the apostles. A suggestion: if you have to reprint Chi prega si salva you could add the litanies of the Name of Jesus, which associate us with the Eastern liturgy.
Best wishes, good health and always grateful,

Father Renzo Rossignolo, SDB

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