from issue no.10 - 2008



30Giorni to a recently founded monastery

Rome, 4 October 2008

Dear Senator,
I thank you warmly for 30Giorni , which I find very beautiful and always read with great interest and profit.
Since it enters the cloistered convents, I would request you to send copies to a contemplative community which I founded when I was Bishop of Velletri-Segni. Here’s the address: Monastero Santa Maria delle Grazie, Suore del Signore e della Vergine di Matarà, via Ariana, 1, 00049 Velletri (Roma).
The convent is home to nine nuns from different countries, all young, educated and joyful, who would willingly read the magazine (also back copies).
In thanking you very much, I take this opportunity to wish you well and assure you of my prayers.
Yours in Christ,

Andrea Maria Erba

Saltillo, Mexico

Chi prega si salva is very useful

Saltillo, 29 September 2008

Thanks to your promptness we have already received the package with the booklets Quien reza se salva.
Thanks for the wonderful initiative of giving this booklet as a gift that helps learn or remember the essential Christian prayers.
Here in Saltillo (Mexico) religion is very closely linked to indigenous traditions for which reason this book is very useful. Thank you very sincerely. May the Lord help you always to be evangelists in spreading the word of God.
With appreciation and gratitude, assuring our prayers,

sister Mary Margaret Bichi and fellow Sisters

Umuoji-Idemili, Nigeria

The prayer of the humble pierces the clouds!

Umuoji-Idemili, 20 June 2008

Dear Mr Senator,
We are simply impressed by your kind generosity and concern for us contemplative Institutes. It is very encouraging to know that someone remembers us in a special way by sending us this precious magazine which for us is a window on the world. Thank you for expanding our outlook. Our great gratitude cannot be well expressed with the pen.
You sent us two copies of Who prays is saved, a wonderful little prayer book which contains many of the current prayers of the Church. And now you sent us a copy of Heinrich Schlier’s book On the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, prefaced by our dear Benedict XVI.
Thank you for everything. You are sure of our prayers for your person and all your collaborators in this great work of publishing and distributing. The prayer of the humble pierces the clouds!! So you can be sure.
Hearty congratulations and ad multos annos!
Sincerely in Christ,

mother Patricia Alufno,
OSB, Abbess

Divinópolis, Brazil

The article on the beatification of Saint Theresa’s parents moved us

Divinópolis, 16 October 2008

Dear brothers in Christ,
Thank you, once again, for the gift that you make us by sending us the magazine 30Dias. In particular, number 6/7 moved us, which contains the article on the beatification of Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus’s parents, the true example for our time, in which the family has been so debased.
Our sincere thanks and our union in prayer.
Under the look of Mary,

Carmelite Nuns of Divinópolis

São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil

30Days achieves a marvelous communion

São Luís, 10 September 2008

Dear Mr Giulio,
How to thank you properly for all the attention and kindness that we perceive in your heart every time you send us the magazine 30Dias? Indeed, it is fair to say, 30Dias is not just a magazine, it is a gift of intelligence whose principal agent is the Holy Spirit. Since we are many and interest in 30Dias ranges throughout the whole community, the sister who is lucky enough to have it in hand first feels herself privileged. “The vocation of the Carmelite is essentially ecclesial and apostolic” (OCD Constitution 126), this is the reason why 30Dias is so much sought after: it puts us in contact with all the Mystical Body and achieves a marvelous communion.
Mr Giulio, when you come to heaven, the main parade will not be formed by the angels, but by nuns and missionaries who intone the Te Deum moving through the many celestial abodes.
Many thanks! May God reward and support your work. Your name repeatedly rises in the sky in the form of prayer.
We offer here our prayerful embrace to you and all your équipe.
God be praised!

The Discalced Carmelite Nuns of Maranhão

Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil

Chi prega si salva as a Christmas present

Fortaleza, 7 September 2008

Mr Senator Andreotti,
May Jesus and Mary bless your person and your activity.
I am a Conceptionist nun. Our order was founded by Saint Beatrix da Silva, canonized by the late lamented Pope Paul VI.
First, I want to thank you for the beautiful 30Dias magazine, which you always send us. We like all the articles very much that always provide spiritual and intellectual formation. Continue this very beautiful work because in this way it makes the Kingdom of God present throughout the whole world.
I have a request to make of you (if possible). Could you send us twenty-five copies of Quem reza se salva? I want to make a gift of this booklet to my community for Christmas. Even if I do not know it, I am sure that it will be very useful, especially for confession.
God bless and protect you always, together with your family and your activity.
Already, I wish you a Happy and Holy Christmas and a New Year full of the graces and blessings of God.
I will always pray for you with affection.

Sister Maria Celina from Santa Face

Spiritual reading/22

“And now I tell you something that we all already know, but do not meditate enough on in its fundamental importance and its inexhaustible fruitfulness; and it is this: Jesus Christ being necessary to us. The subject cannot be declared ordinary: it is always new. It cannot be declared already known: it is inexhaustible. Among the many propositions, in which Christianity, for its admirable unity and coherence of doctrine, can be summarized, this seems to me, now, the most appropriate, both for its intrinsic importance, and also for the correspondence that it may, at the present time, encounter in the world of spirits and events.
‘We have everything in Christ’, Saint Ambrose exclaims, ‘Christ is everything for us. If you want to heal your wounds, he is a doctor. If you are burning with fever, he is a fountain. If you are oppressed by iniquity, he is justice. If you need help, he is strength. If you fear death, he is life. If you desire heaven, he is the way. If you seek refuge from the darkness, he is the light. If you are seeking food, he is nourishment’.
Yes, Christ is everything for us. And it is the duty of our religious faith, the need of our human consciousness to recognize, confess and celebrate this. Our destiny is tied to Him, to Him our salvation”. (Pastoral Letter of Archbishop Giovanni Battista Montini to the Ambrosian Archdiocese for Lent of 1955)

Council of Orange of 529

“You are necessary for us, O Our Redeemer”

Canon 8. Si quis alios misericordia, alios vero per liberum arbitrium, quod in omnibus, qui de praevaricatione primi hominis nati sunt, constat esse vitiatum, ad gratiam baptismi posse venire contendit, a recta fide probatur alienus. Is enim non omnium liberum arbitrium per peccatum primi hominis asserit infirmatum, aut certe ita laesum putat, ut tamen quidam valeant sine revelatione Dei mysterium salutis aeternae per semetipsos posse conquirere. Quod quam sit contrarium, ipse Dominus probat, qui non aliquos, sed neminem ad se posse venire testatur, nisi “quem Pater attraxerit” [cf. Jn 6, 44], sicut et Petro dicit: “Beatus es, Simon Bar-Jona, quia caro et sanguis non revelavit tibi, sed Pater meus, qui in caelis est” [Mt 16, 17]; et Apostolus: “Nemo potest dicere “Dominum Iesum” nisi in Spiritu Sancto” [cf. 1Cor 12, 3] (Denzinger 378).

Canon 8. If someone affirms that some may reach the grace of baptism through the mercy (of God), and others instead by means of free will – which in all people born from the sin of the first man, clearly results from all evidence as maimed – he proves himself to be alien from the true faith. In fact he thus affirms that free will was not maimed in all men through the sin of the first man; or he believes that yes it has been so damaged, but in such a way that some are nevertheless able to achieve the mystery of eternal salvation by themselves, without the revelation of God. How true rather is the opposite, the Lord Himself proves, Who says that not some, but that no one can come to Him, if not “the one whom the Father has attracted” [cf. Jn 6, 44], as He also says to Peter: “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for flesh and blood has not revealed it to you, but my Father who is in Heaven” [Mt 16, 17]; and also the Apostle (says): “No one can say “Jesus (is) the Lord” except by the action of the Holy Spirit” [cf. 1Cor 12, 3].


Father Clemente Ortega Obregón celebrates Mass in the parish of San Pedro de Juli, in Peru

Father Clemente Ortega Obregón celebrates Mass in the parish of San Pedro de Juli, in Peru

Juli, Chucuito, Puno, Peru

The good fragrance of Christ

Juli, 2 October 2008

Dear Mr Andreotti,
My cordial and special greetings. Who addresses your person is the priest Clemente Ortega Obregón, a diocesan priest incardinated in the prelature of Yauyos. I am currently on mission in the prelature of Juli (Puno), a very depressed area with enormous economic and labor problems, social and political ... and also with pastoral problems caused by people who apparently have not understood what the Church is.
Sometimes, thanks to some fellow priests, I have had the enormous satisfaction of having in hand the prestigious and most valid magazine 30Giorni. When I have the opportunity to have it, I try to read it quickly and, sometimes, photocopy some of the articles. So, how very much I would like to be subscribed to it!
Reading the contents of your magazine makes one breathe the bonus odor Christi that the children of the Church spread with their lives and their teachings, through the Holy Father, bishops, priests, religious and laity. So the magazine presents the whole Church totally beautiful and with a panorama – on its past, its present and, with optimism on its future – full of vitality and hope, where one breathes the fresh air of Catholic orthodoxy. Unfortunately, in many sectors of the Church, “strange winds blow”; it seems that “modernity and maturity” mean to say putting in question the essential unity of the Mystical Body of Christ (One in its doctrine, One in its liturgy and One in authority). It is painful to see the “manipulation” of sacred and holy things – and, what is more curious, by so-called “committed” people – that Christ wanted to leave to His Church.
Mr Andreotti, from here I ask our Lord Jesus Christ and our Holy Mother to continue to give you strength in this wonderful sowing – with full hands – of the message of Christ through 30Giorni and that the voice of the Church continues to resound through the Magisterium of the Holy Father and the courageous princes of the Church (the bishops). An embrace and prayers. With respect,

father Clemente Ortega Obregón

Angal, Nebbi, Uganda

Thanks also for Chi prega si salva

Angal, 25 September 2008

Dear Senator Andreotti,
I am a Combonian missionary. The high esteem which you enjoy in Uganda and your various initiatives in support of the missions enable me to write in simplicity, as to a friend. I also tell you that we are contemporaries: class of 1919, children of the victory, you Roman and I from Friuli, let’s shake hands!
On behalf of the five fellow brothers of this community, I wish to express our gratitude for your gift. Every 30Giorni arrives always with great welcome to us: it keeps us united to Rome, to you, and the universal Church. Thanks also for the booklet of prayers Chi prega si salva, and thanks again for the lovely volume Montini e Agostino. Finally, thanks for the prayers and sentiments that, I am certain, accompany the gifts, and that we sincerely return.
You know Uganda. Angal is located in West Nile (for us missionaries it is the best Nile). The mission was born two years before you and me. In ninety years it has generated at least twelve daughters, gathered in 1996 into the new diocese of Nebbi: half a million inhabitants with a very high percentage of Catholics.
In Angal, among the various works, the Saint Luke Hospital stands out, established fifty years ago and which through the work of the CUAMM physicians, of volunteers and the Ugandan staff, reached a high level of capacity and efficiency; I hope to be able to give you more details about this Hospital in the future.
Dear Senator, I will remember you often at the altar. I wish you, your dear ones and your collaborators the grace, peace and joy of the Lord.
With great respect and gratitude,

father Felice Centis, MCCJ


30Giorni, when I find it traveling abroad, keeps me company

Milan, 7 October 2008

Mr. Senator,
I am in debt, and how, of a necessary and affectionate thanks for the by now long, spontaneous, constant donation of the magazine 30Giorni. I am pleased to be able to tell you that in my travels abroad, especially to our major seminary in Pune (India), I find it and it keeps me company. Further it is useful to me for the academic courses. Thanks to you, and the editorial staff.
With wishes for every good, please accept, Mr Senator, a small sign for a great gift,

father Angelo Rusconi

Wamba, Kenya

We would like to receive copies of Who prays is saved

Wamba, 18 September 2008

Dear Mr Senator Giulio Andreotti,
Peace and good from Kenya, from Wamba in northern Kenya, in the semi-desert inhabited by nomadic tribes: the Sambaru, Turkana, Rendille, Gabra, and so on.
Thanks for the gift of 30Giorni, that we await and read with great interest and pleasure because it keeps us connected and informed about many things and makes us feel less isolated! Thank you with all my heart. Here we have a hospital with two hundred beds (in this area!) supported by the Diocese of Maralal and by many friends, especially Italians, who love us and love our people.
If it were possible, we would like to receive a good number of copies of Who prays is saved. As you can well imagine, very often the hospital and the church are places where the good God awaits the lost sheep too... and where He has the opportunity to meet and talk to many of His children ... It would therefore be a great gift for these our patients and brothers, often waiting to talk to God.
Grateful if you could do something ... with respect and gratitude,

father Lino Gallina, IMC

Grimari, Central African Republic

My first word is thanks

Grimari, 6 June 2008

Dearest of 30Giorni,
My first word is thanks for the magazine that is sent to us for years. We are a community of Combonian missionaries (three Fathers and a Brother) and we try to give missionary service in Grimari in the Central African Republic. We read happily what you propose to us and talk about it among ourselves.
I ask whether it would be possible to have 30Giorni in French, if it exists. This would allow the monthly to be made available to all; in fact a year ago we opened a “reading and consultation room” in particular for adults, teachers and State officials. Grimari is a sous-préfecture and we have schools up to high school included.
We work with hope in the heart for a better world. We know that this better world will not fall from Heaven, but Heaven helps us realize it to the extent that we know how to act and choose.
Thanks again and great greetings to you all,

father George Aldegheri

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