from issue no.01 - 2010


Nuestra Señora del Rosario Convent
Quillabamba, La Convención, Peru

We hope that the Lord satisfies us with His grace

Quillabamba, 12 November 2009

Dear Mr Giulio Andreotti,
“A Child is born in Bethlehem,
He is a revolutionary,
has given a turn to life
and changed our calendar”.
Feeling the joy in our hearts for the coming of the God Child, in this New Year 2010 that is approaching, I am writing this letter to greet you on behalf of all my sisters in the community and to wish that the Lord who comes to visit us in the mystery of this Christmas will bring peace and hope to all.
With these Christmas wishes, I want to express our sincere thanks for the magazine 30Días that we receive periodically. May the Lord reward you for this spiritual and grandiose work which you are carrying out.
I wanted to ask you if you can send us the precious book Quien reza se salva to spread it throughout these areas of great religious fervor to the people and our families. We are twenty sisters. We all thirst for the love of God and we hope that the Lord satisfies us with His grace. Deep down we all long to know God and to know that He accepts us and loves us as His children. If we seek His presence every day, the Lord will fill us with His goods.
Awaiting your response, we wish you happy days full of love and peace. May the light and life that flow out of Bethlehem help us to walk in the New Year we are about to begin guided by the stars of peace. Happy Advent, happy Christmas! May the peace proclaimed by the angels fill your lives so that you may share it with others.

Sister María Jacinta de la Sagrada Familia, OP, Prioress

Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Saint Catherine Volpicelli

30Giorni for a convent in Indonesia

Naples, 24 December 2009

Dear Senator,
With the Christmas wishes which I extend to you heartfully from the community of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Saint Catherine Volpicelli, I ask if you could please send to our sister, Sister Emilia Lettiero, at the community of Borong in Indonesia, a monthly copy, in Italian, of the magazine 30Giorni. They have no income and are ten in all: an Italian, a Brazilian and eight Indonesians, these last aspirants.
Can you also add a copy of the booklet Chi prega si salva?
May the Lord reward you with the abundance of His light. In expressing my gratitude and congratulations to you on your brilliant magazine, I greet you cordially,

Sister Pina D’Angelo, ASCV

College of Saint John Damascene

The first foundation of the Discalced Carmelite Nuns in the Syro-Malabar Church in Kerala

Rome, 7 January 2010

Dear Sir,
I am Father Varghese Kurisuthara , Rector of Saint John Damascene institute, an Eastern college for the Indian priests who study in Rome. A year ago a convent of cloistered Discalced Carmelite nuns was founded in the Syro-Malabar Church in Kerala, India. It is the first foundation of Discalced Carmelite nuns in this church. I ask if you can send them every month a free copy of 30Giorni, in English.
Yours in Jesus,

Father Varghese Kurisuthara, OCD, Rector

Benedictine nuns of the Notre-Dame de Koubri convent
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Fifty copies of Qui prie sauve son âme

Koubri, 2 January 2010

Dear Director,
We thank you sincerely for the magazine 30Jours which we have been receiving for some time. We can only reiterate how much we use it and how highly appreciated it is in the community as well as by guests of the covent.
We would like to ask you, if possible, for fifty copies of Qui prie sauve son âme.
Thank you for your service and we assure you of our grateful prayers.
A good and holy year in 2010 to you and your editorial staff,

Mother Henriette Kalmogo, OSB, Prioress

Poor Clares of NÎmes Convent
Nîmes, France

A grateful acknowledgment for Chi prega si salva in French

Nîmes, 6 January 2010

Dear Mr Andreotti,
With grateful thanks for your generosity for sending the booklets Chi prega si salva in French. The Mother Abbess and I were very much touched by your thoughtfulness and concern for us. I assure you of its impact and for this reason I ask for ten more copies for our friends who come to ask for prayers in so many different ways. I am sure that this kind of booklet will be of some use for them, because very many of them are now forgetting some useful prayers like these in their day to day life. Attached, you will find our newsletter and a small picture of our convent.
Best wishes for Christmas.
May God bless you always and be with you and all your collaborators in this new year 2010.
In union of prayer, your Sisters of Nîmes,

Sister Ancilla

Poor Clares of Yangyang Convent
Yangyang, South Korea

“Christmas: here is Paradise”

Yangyang, 8 December 2009

Dear Senator Andreotti,
Wishes of peace and joy to you this Christmas! We hope you remain in good health. We continue to be so grateful to you for the generous gift of 30Days in the Church and in the world that you send us. It’s like a friend visiting us each month and is so enriching spiritually, informing us of many things that we need to pray for.
As the wonderful Christmas article written by Don Giacomo Tantardini said in December 2006, our Franciscan St Anthony of Padua, in his deep love for the Child Jesus began one of his sermons with the exclamation, “Christmas: here is Paradise”. God, our true joy, has become one of us and has given hope to the whole world and all of suffering humanity which longs for him!
This past year has held several special happenings for our new community. One of our postulants began her novitiate on Palm Sunday. Our community was canonically erected at a special Mass celebrated by our Bishop on 17 September, the feast of the Stigmata of St Francis, and we had our first official community elections a few weeks ago, with the election of Sister Clara Pak Hye Young as our first abbess.
May the Lord bless you, your whole family and all at 30Days with good health and continued love and happiness, and may your Christmas be filled with joy! You are gratefully remembered in our prayers. Happy New Year and blessings in all of 2010!
With loving thanks,

The Poor Clare Sisters of Yangyang, South Korea

Spiritual reading/34

Having published as “Spiritual Reading” the prayer that Saint Ambrose addresses to the Lord Jesus to look on us so that we may weep for our sins (“Respice, Domine Iesu, ut sciamus nostrum deflere peccatum”), in number 12 2009 of 30Days, pages 6-9, we propose in this issue the prayer in which the saintly bishop of Milan asks that the Lord Himself weep for him so that he may be cleansed of his sins.
The passage comes from De paenitentia, Book II, Chapter 8, paragraphs 71-72. In these paragraphs Ambrose humbly acknowledges he is a poor sinner called to the episcopacy.

Si inlacrimaveris pro me, salvus ero
If You weep for me, I’ll be saved

Utinam ergo ad hoc monumentum meum digneris accedere, Domine Iesu,
Oh, if You therefore would deign, O Lord Jesus, to come close to this my grave,

tuis me lacrimis laves,
if You would wash me with your tears,

quoniam durioribus oculis non habeo tantas lacrimas, ut possim mea lavare delicta!
because I have not, in my eyes too hardened, enough tears to be able to wash away my sins!

Si inlacrimaveris pro me, salvus ero.
If You weep for me, I’ll be saved.

Si dignus fuero lacrimis tuis faetorem abstergebo delictorum omnium.
If I will be worthy of Your tears I shall wipe the stench of all sins.

Si fuero dignus, ut paulisper inlacrimes, vocabis me de monumento huius corporis et dices exi foras,
If I will be worthy that You weep even just a little, You will call me from the grave of this body and say "go forth",

ut non intra corporis huius angustias inclusae teneantur cogitationes meae,
so that my thoughts do not remain prisoners in the confines of this body,

sed egrediantur ad Christum, in lumine versentur,
but may go outside towards Christ, to be enlightened,

ut non cogitem opera tenebrarum, sed opera lucis.
and that I may not direct my mind to the works of darkness, but to the works of light.

Qui enim peccatum cogitat, intra suam conscientiam studet se ipse includere.
In fact, who turns his mind to sin, does his best to shut himself up in his own thought.

Voca ergo foras servum tuum.
So call your servant forth.

Quamvis ligatus vinculis peccatorum meorum vinctos habeam pedes, innexas manus, et cogitationibus et operibus mortuis iam sepultus, te vocante liber egrediar
Even though, fastened by the bonds of my sins, with my feet shackled and hands tied, and by now buried among thoughts and "works of death", were you to call me I would go forth free

et inveniar unus de discumbentibus in convivio tuo.
and find myself to be "one of the guests" at your banquet.

Et domus tua pretioso replebitur unguento,
And your house will be filled with precious perfume,

si, quem redimere dignatus es, custodieris.
If You protect whom You have deigned to redeem.


Salesian missionaries
Tulear, Madagascar

How nice it would be if 30Giorni were in our library!

Tulear, 7 December 2009

Dear President
My heartfelt congratulations for the magazine. The format is what makes us feel in harmony with the true Church, which is that of Peter and his successors. If possible, I would like to exchange the subscription to the Italian edition for two subscriptions: one in English and one in French. Gradually we have built up a high school which has 820 pupils with excellent results, despite the serious difficulties of all kinds. How nice and profitable it would be if there were in the library, increasingly more frequented, a copy or two of 30Giorni! Following in the footsteps of Don Bosco, we urge the youth to have a special veneration for the Pope tout court (Don Bosco did not have his boys cry out “Long live Pius IX,” but “Long live the Pope!”). Again congratulations on your precious work. I ask readers to pray for Madagascar also, which has never had civil wars, but has not yet found political stability. Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year with the Lord Jesus. Ho tahian’ Andriamanitra isika iaby. That the good God help us all. With great gratitude and esteem,

Don Giovanni Marco Lai, SDB

Saint Patrick Orphanage
Mujwa, Kenya

Chi prega si salva for the boys of the orphanage

Mujwa, 25 November 2009

Dear Senator Andreotti,
I have a vague recollection of you near Treviso, I think between 1955 and 1960. I always had confidence in you, despite the circumstances with which you had to engage. Thank you for the magazine that we receive on mission, in addition to myself there are three missionaries of the Consolata. I am a layman in service now for twenty years in the Diocese of Meru, in Kenya. With the help of friends from Venice, two years ago I built a home for children who are orphans or in difficult circumstances; I would now like to give the older ones Chi prega si salva in the small format. Would it be possible to have at least fifteen copies of it in English and one in Italian for me?
Thank you very much for what you do for all of us

Daniele Schiavinato

Saint Paul De Sago Mission
Sassandra, Ivory Coast

Chi prega si salva for our catechists

Sago, 11 November 2009

Dear Director,
For four years I have willingly received and read the magazine 30Giorni because it keeps me updated on events in the universal Church. So I want to express my gratitude for this beautiful gift, which I appreciate very much and I read from cover to cover. Our parish of Sago numbers forty-five chapels with as many catechists. If it were possible to have the booklet Chi prega si salva in French for our forty-five catechists, it would certainly be a great help for them and for the Christians of our chapels. To you and the magazine 30Giorni I wish ad multos annos.
With gratitude,

Father Silvio Gullino

Saint Joseph Salesian Vocational Center
Khartoum, Sudan

Chi prega si salva would serve us as an example and base

Khartoum, 19 December 2009

Dearly respected,
I found your magazine in a religious community and the advertising for Chi prega si salva interested me greatly, because we’re trying to make a similar booklet for our own people in Arabic-English. Your publication would serve us as an example and base. If you could send me a copy in the small format, I’d be very grateful.
On the occasion of Christmas it could be a beautiful gift to an old missionary from Milan who has worked in Sudan for thirty years. With best wishes, I assure you also of my poor prayers, hoping not to have asked you for too much. Thank you,

Father Ernesto De Gaspari

Congregation of Saint Martin de Porres
Buea, Cameroon

30Days is really for the evangelization of souls

Buea, 6 January 2010

Dear Mr. Andreotti,
Sincere greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, in whose vineyard we are all called to serve.
I am Rev Brother Mackinlay Ewane of the diocese of Buea in Cameroon. It’s the first time I read your magazine and it was very interesting and stimulating for me. My Congregation would like to share in this great inspiration which God has given you. It is the Congregation of the Brothers of St Martin de Porres of Buea. I came across 30Days in the house of Right Rev Bishop Pius Suh Awa, Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Buea, who is the founder of our Congregation on 3 November 1985, the feastday of Saint Martin de Porres. Your magazine is really for the evangelization of souls and I know that my congregation will gain a lot from it,

Don Mackinlay Ewane, BSM

Archdiocese of Kuching
Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

I pray the Lord will continue to bless your publication

Kuching, 29 December 2009

Dear Editor,
I am a retired Archbishop, and a regular receiver and reader of your magazine 30Days. I wish to express my sincere thanks for sending me complementary copies. I pray the Lord will continue to bless your publication to enable readers to continue to enjoy reading it for their information and formation. I will be grateful if you would continue to send me complementary copies.
Sincerely yours,

Monsignor Peter Chung Hoan Ting, Archbishop Emeritus of Kuching

Diocese of Ambatondrazaka
Ambatondrazaka, Madagascar

Greetings from Madagascar and Turkey

Ambatondrazaka, 21 December 2009

Dear Mr Giulio Andreotti,
Greetings in the name of the Lord!
I am Antoine Scopelliti, a member of the Order of the Most Holy Trinity and Bishop of Ambatondrazaka, in Madagascar.
The Archbishop of Izmir in Turkey, Ruggero Franceschini, also asks me to pass on to you his sincere greetings and inform you about the assurance of his prayers. May the Lord continue to bless you and give you good health. As I hope to hear from you, I take the opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
Yours most cordially in the Lord,

Antoine Scopelliti, OSST, Bishop of Ambatondrazaka


Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, Ecuador

30Días will be helpful to seminarians and teachers

Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, 7 November 2009

Dear Sir,
Please receive a cordial greeting with best wishes of abundant blessings of the Lord for all your activities.
Hereby, I express my best wishes for you and your excellent magazine, on my behalf, and that of the teachers and seminarians of our seminary San Pedro.
I would like to ask you kindly if you can give us a subscription to the magazine directed by you, because, through its articles, it is a tool to learn about the life of the Church and the opinions of renowned commenters. I know it will be very useful to both seminarians and teachers.
On behalf of all of us who are part of this house of formation, I am very grateful for the welcome that you will give to this request.
I assure you our prayers for the success of the magazine and the prosperity of all those who collaborate in it.
With sincere appreciation, servant in Christ Jesus,

Father Luis Alfonso Sterling M., CM, Rector

Lomé, Togo

I’d like to receive copies of Qui prie sauve son âme

Lomé, 16 December 2009

Dearest brothers and sisters in Christ,
Allow me with these words to thank you sincerely for your magazine 30Jours that I have just had the opportunity to discover and that fascinated me both for the depth of the articles as well as for the beautiful graphic composition. It is a true masterpiece... Thank you so much for this yeast you bring so that the dough of our humanity ferments better.
I am Moïse Agbégnon Koumondji, a seminarian of the “John Paul II” major inter-diocesan seminary in Lomé, Togo. I just finished the third year of philosophy and am currently doing an internship in the diocesan registry of the archdiocese of Lomé. I enjoyed the meditation on St Paul that appeared in number 6/7 of your magazine that I discovered in the waiting room of the archdiocese.
I told myself that I must have this jewel for my personal culture, and this is the reason that now urges me to send you these words: to ask that I now be counted among your readers and to subscribe to your magazine. Unfortunately I do not have the economic means for this, but rely heavily on your great kindness...
Also, I would like to have, if possible, ten copies of the prayer booklet Qui prie sauve son âme. Thanks in advance for your response which I hope will be favorable. Thanks for everything.
I assure you of my union in prayer. Happy end of the year festive season!

Moïse Agbégnon Koumondji


Parish of San Biagio
Cavriana, Mantua

I have started reading 30Giorni with pleasure

Cavriana, 29 January 2010

Dear Senator Andreotti,
I have been reading your magazine 30Giorni for some time. I thank you because I imagine that the decision to send it to the parish free of charge came from your editorial staff. In the past, for a time I did not pay sufficient attention to the magazine. In recent years, however, I have started to read it with pleasure, I find it interesting and then I put it on display in the church so that others can benefit: now I have also subscribed.
I ask you to kindly send fifty copies of the booklet Chi prega si salva to the parish. As I read in your magazine that many request this booklet, please attach the details of the current account into which I shall pay one hundred euros. Please use any surplus to satisfy other requests.
Yours cordially.

Father Dino Mezzani

Chascomús Diocese
Chascomús, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Quien reza se salva for the pastoral visit

Chascomús, 19 January 2010

Dear Editor of 30Giorni,
I ask information, including the cost, about the booklet Quien reza se salva, that I want to use on the pastoral visits. I thank you in advance and assure you of my prayers for the fruitfulness of the service that 30Giorni fulfils.
Yours sincerely,

Carlos Humberto Malfa, Bishop of Chascomús

Armenian Catholic Patriarchal Exarchate
Damascus, Syria

30Giorni so interesting and so beneficial

Damascus, 5 December 2009

Dear Senator,
A big thanks for your magazine 30Jours so interesting and so beneficial. It proclaims, in fact, the victory of faith, founded on Christ, the Teacher of truth, the necessity of hope, the “Great Hope” and the primacy of God and His grace, “free, gracious, infinite”.
I am very happy to join the army of your “correspondents” (monasteries, bishops, priests ...) to express my profound esteem, praying to the Baby Jesus, the Emmanuel – God with us – to accompany you, and all your colleagues in bringing to fruition your noble mission of heralding with the angels of Christmas: “Today a Savior is born for you”.
Christmas is the eternal spring of the “inscrutable riches of Christ” (Eph 3, 8), our contemporary: He is the creator. Indeed, He creates other births of abundance of life, love and joy ...
I hope that the Divine Child may fill you with them.
Merry Christmas and births and a Happy 2010!

Joseph Arnaoutian, Armenian Catholic Bishop of Damascus

Auxiliary Bishop of Trujillo
Trujillo, Peru

I have greatly benefited from reading 30Giorni

Trujillo, 31 December 2009

I am José Javier Travieso Martín, auxiliary bishop of Trujillo, Peru.
I thank the editor and staff of the magazine 30Giorni nella Chiesa e nel mondo very much for sending me issue no. 9 of 2009, just arrived, from the content of which, particularly the interview with Bishop Reinhard Marx and the articles by Cappelletti and La Potterie, I have greatly benefited.
The Lord be with you during the year 2010 that is about to begin.

José Javier Travieso Martín, CMF Auxiliary Bishop of Trujillo

Bishop Emeritus of Edmundston
Saint Basile, New Brunswick, Canada

30Jours nourishes devotion to the Church

Saint Basile, 22 December 2009

Dear Mr Andreotti,
For a few years I have been receiving your magnificent 30Jours magazine. It is certainly one of the most important and most interesting magazines that I know. Thank you for sending it free, probably because I am a bishop.
I am a Canadian Bishop Emeritus of ninety. Reading this magazine is an encouragement that nourishes my devotion to our Church. I’m being sent the publication in English, which I read with profit. Since my first language is French, I wonder if you can send it in French. Thanks from now.
I take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
May the Savior continue to guide your work and your important apostolate.
I pray for you and bless you,

Gérard Dionne, Bishop Emeritus of Edmundston

Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish
Harlingen, Texas, USA

The brilliant analysis of Cardinal Cottier

Harlingen, 13 October 2009

Dear friends
Thanks so much for your great service to the Church.
Thanks in particular for the publication in issue 5 of 2009 of Cardinal Georges Cottier’s article on the speeches of President Obama at Notre Dame University and the Al-Azhar University in Cairo.
I do not ignore the fire you are receiving from ultra-critics of President Obama in the United States, clergy included, for your publication.
Cardinal Cottier has made a brilliant analysis of our President’s speeches .
We cannot expect the president of the United States to be the teacher of Catholic doctrine. That is our task, our mission. We can certainly disagree, but first we must listen carefully to what he has to say.
The spectacle offered by some extremists at Notre Dame before President Obama uttered a single word was shameful, non-Christian and certainly anti-American because he is the President of our country.
His Holiness, Benedict XVI, gracefully received President Obama and the First Lady at the Vatican, just some days after his speech at Notre Dame. We all know the Pope does not share Obama’s agenda in many aspects, but still he hosted him at the Vatican and conversed with him in a civilized, Christian manner!
Thank you, Cardinal Cottier, and thank you 30Giorni for giving us food for thought and accurate information,

Monsignor Pedro Briseño

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