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Who prays is saved. With an introduction by Joseph Ratzinger

Who prays is saved. With an introduction by Joseph Ratzinger

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Since mankind has existed, people have prayed. Always and everywhere people have been aware that they are not alone in the world, that there is somebody who listens to them. They have always been aware that they need Another who is greater and that they must reach out to Him for life to be what it must be. But the face of God has always been veiled and only Jesus has shown us His true face. Who sees Him sees the Father (cf. John14,9). So, if on the one hand it is natural for people to pray (to ask in the moment of need and thank in the moment of joy), there is always, on the other hand, also our incapacity to pray and speak to a hidden God. We do not know what best to ask, says Saint Paul (Rm 8, 26). Therefore we should always say to the Lord, like the disciples: «Lord, teach us how to pray» (Luke 11,1). The Lord taught the Our Father as model of genuine prayer and has given us a Mother, the Church, that helps us to pray. The Church has received a great wealth of prayers from Holy Writ. Over the centuries numerous prayers have arisen, from the hearts of believers, with which they always renew their address to God. In praying with Mother Church we ourselves learn to pray. I am therefore very glad that 30Giorni should make a new edition of this little book containing the fundamental prayers of Christians that have grown over the centuries. They accompany us through all the events of our lives and help us to celebrate the liturgy of the Church in prayer. I hope this little book may become a travelling companion for many Christians.

Rome, 18 February 2005

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

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