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What counts is the wonder

What counts is the wonder


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Do you know him? Does your memory hold the cadenced pounding of his great verses? They tell of simple and profound things that accompany you for ever in life, to the step of a tireless infantryman.
If you have never had the joy of encountering him, here is a book giving you the opportunity ... but it will not be enough. Go quickly, afterwards, and immerse yourselves in the ocean of his writings. They are works with no shores. They are unclassifiable works, but still fresh and pertinent today. They are complex works, seen in different exegetical lights, but their furrows are clear, their foundations solid.
Péguy cannot be reduced to suit this or that hackneyed sum of his life, to this or that verse of his work. One must take all of him, take the time to make the great journey into him. Péguy. You will never come to the end of him!

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